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Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ~ Proverbs 22:6 KJV

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    Tuesday, April 30, 2013

    Having an extra Sunday school activity for kids to do is always a blessing as sometimes the lesson isn't as long as you first had thought. Too much down time allows the kids to become restless and loud.

    That's exactly what happens in our Sunday school class and I'm sure it happens in yours too. The good news is that when you print out FREE Sunday school activities like the crossword puzzle below, you're not out any money and if you run out of time, you can always send the puzzle home with them as a reminder of the lesson they just heard.

    This crossword puzzle was designed to go along with The Good Samaritan Sunday school lesson.

    We hope you find this activity helpful. Be sure to check out our other Sunday school activities as they are being added continuously and will be until God sees fit otherwise.

    The Good Samaritan Sunday School Activity

    To print the image below, click on it to bring up a new page. From there, you can save it as a picture or print it right from the screen.

    The Good Samaritan - Parables
    Photo: Martin Bodman, Wikimedia Commons
    Parables were Jesus' way of teaching a lesson or getting his point across for others to understand simply and easily. There are many parables in the bible with each one teaching something different, yet all with the same goal in mind - to teach us how to be more Christ-like.

    This week's Sunday school lesson is about The Good Samaritan.

    The parable of the good Samaritan is a wonderful story to help teach kids to love their neighbor as themselves, to be more humble, and to look at one another through God's eyes.

    Below is the Sunday school lesson. Be sure to check out the Sunday school activity that goes along with this lesson.

    Sunday School Lesson - The Good Samaritan

    There are so many great bible verses about loving one another it was hard for me to choose just one, so I added several below. Now, you will have the hard choice of choosing which one you like best. Good luck...

    Verse #1

    1 John 4:11 KJV
    Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.
    Verse #2
    1 John 3:18 KJV
    My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.
    Verse #3
    Luke 10:27 KJV
    ...Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all they mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.

    Ask the kids - "Do you know what a parable is?"

    A parable is a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. Jesus told many parables in the bible.

    Today we are going to learn about one of those parables. It is about a Jewish man who was traveling on a road from Jerusalem to Jericho (Luke 10:30-37 KJV).

    As this man was traveling, some thieves jumped him, took his clothes, beat him up, and left him.

    It wasn't long until a priest came by that way and saw the hurt man. Do you think that the priest

    The Good Samaritan Crossword Puzzle
    Sunday School Activity
    helped him?


    Instead, the priest went around him and left him there without helping him.

    A bit later, a Levite came by the place where the hurt man was lying. Do you think the Levite helped him?


    Instead, the Levite looked at him, but did not help him. He just went around him leaving him there.

    Finally, a Samaritan came by the place where the hurt man lay. You see, at that time, the Jewish people did not like the Samaritan people and the man who was hurt was a Jew. The Samaritan man who was walking by could have left the Jewish man, but unlike the other two men, the Samaritan decided to help.

    Not only did the Samaritan man clean out the Jewish man's wounds, he wrapped them up in bandages, then he put the hurt man on the animal he was riding. Maybe it was a donkey or maybe it was a camel. The bible does not say.

    He took the hurt man to an inn which is like a motel. He even paid for the man to stay longer. He even paid for the man to be taken care of while he was away.

    What Can We Learn from the Good Samaritan?

    We should never judge people on how they look, how they act, or where they are from. We are to treat everyone with kindness just like the Good Samaritan.

    Jesus told this story to teach us that we should act kindly to everyone. After all, God made everyone and he loves each and everyone of us.

    If we are not kind to each other, we are not obeying God's word.

    God lets each of us choose how we act. We can choose to be mean and unkind to people or we can choose to help others. By showing others kindness, we are letting God shine through.

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013

    Although many different Sunday school lessons can be taught from the story of Gideon in the bible, today we're going to focus on listening, following, and acting like Christians.

    Gideon in the Bible
    The angel set under an oak tree.
    Photo: Anne Lowe
    How many times have you talked to someone who says they are a Christian but they don't live a Godly life?

    You may even have thought they were not a Christian at other times just by their actions and speech.

    In today's world, it has become the 'norm' to live however you want when you want with no regards to the church or to God.

    It is not supposed to be this way. The bible says,

    James 1:22 KJV
    But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

    God tells us in this one verse that we are to not only hear (or read) what is in the bible, but we are supposed to do it too. If we don't follow God's word, we are deceiving ourselves and thus, deceiving others just like lying.

    Below is the story of Gideon in the bible where he meets an angel - The Angel of the Lord to be exact. Use it to teach your class how listening and following God's word is very important in our Christian lives.

    Gideon in the Bible - Sunday School Lesson

    At a time when the people of Israel had turned from God and turned to worshipping idols, the Midianite people began to come into their land and destroy everything. They took what they wanted and got rid of the rest.
    The Israelites were so scared they fled from their homes and lived in caves in the mountains.
    Get the 'Follow God's Word Maze'!
     The bible tells us that there were so many Midianite people it looked like swarms of grasshoppers in the land. It also said they had so many camels you couldn't even count them.
    What could the Israelite people do but run and hide?
    You see, when people do not follow God, they become scared and try to run from their troubles. But, if we choose to listen to God and follow Him, he will help make us strong and face whatever trouble comes our way.
    This doesn't mean we won't be scared from time-to-time. It just means that God is right beside us, leading us where we need to go to face and overcome our troubles and fears.

    The Angel

    During this time, a young man named Gideon lived in the land. He was an Israelite and his family was very poor. He was even the youngest in his family, but God had a very important, very special job for Gideon.
    He was to defeat the whole Midianite army!
    As Gideon was working one day, an angel appeared under an oak tree nearby. He began talking to Gideon telling him how important he was going to be and how it was going to be his job to defeat the Midianites.
    Gideon couldn't believe what the angel was telling him. How could he defeat so many people?
    The answer was simple.
    The angel, who was actually Jesus before he came to earth as a baby, said, "I will be with you."

    The Lesson

    What if Gideon hadn't listened to the angel of the Lord? What if he went about his business as he did everyday? What if Gideon didn't obey what he was told? What if he let fear control him?
    The answer is simple - the Israelites would never have defeated the Midianites.
    Because Gideon listened and obeyed, he led the small 300 men Israelite army into battle against the huge Midianite army and won!
    Now, some of you will say, "But, Gideon lived in bible times. Or, Gideon wasn't afraid."
    Both of these are true, but do you know what? Gideon was younger than the others. Gideon was poor. Gideon was scared. And Gideon was just like you.
    The only difference in Gideon and people today is that Gideon listened to God and followed what he said. Even though we don't hear God talking to us like Gideon did (although, some people have), we have the bible. God's words are written inside so that we can have his words with us at all times.
    Just like the verse above says, "Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only". We need to stand strong in the Lord. We should always live like we know Jesus and we should always let others see we have Jesus in our hearts.
    No one should ever look at us and wonder if we are Christians. They should be able to tell by our words and our actions.
    Here is a FREE maze to use as one of your Sunday school activities. It was developed to go along with the Gideon in the bible Sunday school lesson, but you can use it with any lesson you see fit.

    If you like this maze, be sure to add your e-mail to the right so we can send you updates when new activities, games and lessons are available. We will ONLY use your e-mail for this site and if you decide you no longer wish to receive updates, it is easy to unsubscribe. Although, we hope that never happens.

    Follow God's Word Maze
    Make your way along the maze to get you (the stick person) to the Word of God.


    Monday, April 22, 2013

    Here is a quick video to get you started on your next 'Bible Trivia' game. You can use the bible trivia questions in the video along with these trivia questions for FREE. It's amazing how much fun the kids can have with just some simple bible questions and some other kids.

    You can also incorporate bible sword drills into the game for some added fun and learning.

    I hope you enjoy this video. Be sure to subscribe so you won't miss out on upcoming bible game videos!


    Friday, April 19, 2013

    Bible Trivia - Bible Verses
    Photo:Vinicius de Carvalho Venâncio
    Have you ever played a trivia game where you're trying to beat another person or a timer? It is fun and exciting. TV producers have even made hundreds of game shows using this same technique.

    What makes these types of games so fun?

    Basically, it is because you are racing against a clock or another person. You want to try to answer the question before the other team has a chance. You want to show that you know the answers, right?

    I have to admit - I love playing the 'Family Fued' app on my children's iPods. It is fun to try to beat the clock!

    Using this same type of system, gather up some bible trivia questions and get a game going! You can use this type of game with your Sunday school class, a Youth Group, a whole church congregation, or even invite surrounding churches for a full blown 'Bible Trivia Face Off!" (all in good fun of course).

    Bible Trivia

    Here are some bible trivia question about well known bible stories to help you get started. Use as many questions as you like during the game. Try to keep the answers short and sweet as it helps keep the game rolling along nicely.

    These bible story questions have been taken from Daniel and the Lion's Den, Jesus Feeds the 5000, the 10 Commandments, and Ruth. Choose questions about bible stories you've been going over in class as it is fun for the kids to know the answers or at least most of them. You'll find they will become discouraged if there are questions about stories the majority of the kids have never heard before.

    Questions and Answers:

    1. What did Daniel do to get thrown into the lion's den? He prayed.
    2. How many times a day did Daniel pray? 3 times (morning, noon, and night)
    3. What was the name of the man whose field Ruth was gleaning in? Boaz
    4. Who was Ruth's mother-in-law? Naomi
    5. How many men were there when Jesus broke the bread and fish? 5000
    6. How many loaves of bread and fish did Jesus start out with? 5 loaves of barely bread and two small fishes
    7. How much food was left over when all of the people finished eating? 12 baskets full
    8. What does the 10 Commandments say about being jealous? Do not be jealous of what others have.
    9. What does the 10 Commandments say about lying? Never tell a lie.
    10. What is the 5th Commandment about moms and dads? Always obey your mom and dad.

    Watch a Bible Trivia Video for more trivia questions.

    Find more bible trivia questions that following along with bible stories you've been discussing or make some up of your own. Be sure you decide how you'll play the game and about scoring before class begins.

    You can have groups competing or you can let everyone compete as individuals giving the winner a ribbon, a new bible, or even a pack of gum. Whatever you choose, do it for the glory of God.

    Bible Stories

    Get the Ruth bible story for your kids or to teach your class.


    Thursday, April 18, 2013

    Daniel and the lion's den is one of the most famous bible stories of all time. Actually, I don't have proof of that. I just know that when I was little it was one of the bible stories we were told over and over again. And, I have used it in my Sunday school class several times over the past year.

    The kids love it because it is different, it has danger and it has miracles!

    If you'd like to teach a lesson on the bible story of Daniel, check out our Sunday school lesson titled, "Daniel and the Lion's Den". (Now, isn't that an original title?)

    To go along with the lesson, we've made up a crossword puzzle for you to use.

    Sunday School Activities

    If you'd like, print some extras up for the adult Sunday school class. They can work on it before class starts or take it home as a fun activity.

    Daniel and the Lion's Den Crossword Puzzle


    Monday, April 15, 2013

    Print these 10 Commandments coloring pages to use for your next Sunday school lessons. You can also color them yourself and hang them on the wall to go over each week at the beginning of class.

    The 10 Commandments are very important for your kids to learn. If they weren't God wouldn't have put them in the bible in the first place. Use some of the ideas on this site to teach all of the commandments or come up with some of your own.

    Make learning the bible fun and have the kids invite some of their friends next week!

    Get all of the 10 Commandments coloring pages.
    Get the 10 Commandments Game.
    Get the 10 Commandments Sunday School Lesson.

    Click the image to see it larger and to print.

    Commandment Nine


    Commandment Ten


    Need more Sunday School Lessons?

    Take a look inside our Abraham Children's Bible Study book. It can be used daily for home or weekly for your Sunday school class. This book covers all of Abraham's life just as it is in the bible. King James Version.


    Book One in Children's Bible Study series
    Whether you are having a whole Sunday School lesson on the 10 Commandment or not, you can still use this game as a reminder of which commandment is which and what they mean.

    Kids love to learn as they play.
    10 Commandments Sunday School Game
    You can use your own 10 Commandment pages or print out FREE pages here - 10 Commandment coloring pages.

    10 Commandment Sunday School Games

    We are using the picture below as an example for this game. You will need all 10 Commandments.

    Print each commandment on a separate sheet of paper. Cut the page in half so that the words 'Commandment Three' is on one half of the sheet and the actual commandment is on the bottom as shown below.

    Cut on the line.


    Split the kids up into groups - at least two, but you can have more groups, if needed (see note below). Give one group 5 commandments from the bottom half of the page and the other group the other 5 commandments. Be sure they are mixed up.

    Lay the top half of the page that says 'Commandment Three' (and so on) on a table or the floor.

    Let the kids have one or two minutes to look over the commandments you have given them, then say 'go'.

    The kids must scramble while working together to match the correct commandment with the correct number commandment.

    When they think they have them matched correctly, they can race back to a certain point you designate or have a small bell they can ring to signify they have won. Let the other group continue working in case the first group doesn't have the commandments matched up correctly because they can still win.

    When one group has matched them correctly, mix up the commandments a second time and play again.

    ** Note: If you have a large group, print several copies of each commandment to allow for as many groups as you need. You can also play the game with single players where one person must match up all 10 commandments themselves.


    Saturday, April 13, 2013

    While many teach Daniel and the lion's den as a bible story of how Daniel is saved by God from being eaten by lions, our Sunday school lesson today is going to focus on prayer. You see, Daniel prayed three times every day (every morning, noon, and night) even after a law was passed that he couldn't.
    Daniel and the Lion's Den
    Photo: redfern.biz
    And guess what.

    He didn't even try to hide that he was praying. Too often, Christians try to hide who they are because of what others will think of them. Who will see them? Will someone make fun of them?

    The bible tells us that we are not to be ashamed of God.

    Mark 8:38 KJV

    38 Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.

    Imagine, if we are ashamed of God, He will be ashamed of us. We wouldn't want God ashamed of us, so we need to teach our Sunday school class to not be ashamed of God even if it means a child in their class makes fun of them.

    Daniel and the Lion's Den

    Today Sunday school lesson is called 'Before the Lion's Den'.
    Daniel was a very important man who the king liked very much. Daniel was in charge of many things. Because the king like Daniel so much, some of the other men became jealous.

    Print the Daniel and the Lion's Den
    Crossword Puzzle

    What does the bible say about being jealous?
    One of the 10 Commandments (number ten) says that we are not to be jealous of what others have, but these men became so jealous they came up with a plan to get rid of Daniel.
    They convinced the king to make a law that said no one could pray to any God, whether it be the one true God or an idol, for 30 days. If someone did pray to any God, they were to be cast into a lion's den.
    The men new that Daniel prayed every day - three times a day. Daniel never hid when he was praying. Instead, he would go near a window and pray everyday. The men had seen Daniel praying before the law was made because he wasn't ashamed of praying and he never hid when he prayed.
    He did the same routine every day. He prayed every morning, noon, and night and always by the window.

    Daniel Didn't Hide

    Now, even though Daniel could have hidden to pray during the 30 days the law was in effect and been safe, he didn't.
    Instead, he did just like he did every other day. He went into his house, bowed down in front of his window and began to pray. The men saw Daniel and went straight to the king to tell on him. They were so jealous they wanted to get rid of Daniel fast.
    But, do you know what happened?
    God saved Daniel and even though he was threw into the lion's den, God still needed him here on earth. He wasn't ready for Daniel to die. So, God shut the lion's mouths and Daniel was safe all night.
    The next morning, the king ran to see if Daniel's God had saved him. And he had. It was because Daniel wasn't ashamed of God and prayed three times every day when the law was made just like he had before that the king realized just how special and powerful God really was.
    And do you know what?



    The One True God

    The king decided then and there that Daniel's God was the one true God. He also sent out a new law. This law said that every one should serve Daniel'
    Isn't it wonderful to know that God can use us to let others know about him. If we are not ashamed of God and pray no matter who is looking at us, those people who see us may realize that God is real and they need to pray to him too.
    What about your friends at school? Do you see them praying? Do you bow your head to pray before you eat lunch? Are you ashamed to pray in front of your friends?
    The bible says we shouldn't be. We should be proud to have God in our lives and let everyone know we love him.
    Take time to pray with your class now. Ask God to help you and the kids in your class to not be ashamed of God.

    >>>>>Get more FREE Sunday school lessons!<<<<<


    Need More Sunday School Lessons?

    Use our one of our bible study books. Below is a daily study of Joseph. It can be used at home for your own children or you can break it up into weekly lessons for your Sunday school class. Teach them about Joseph from beginning to end in this study that covers Joseph's life written with children in mind.



    Tuesday, April 9, 2013

    The 10 Commandments are extremely important to teach young children. For some reason, many Sunday school teachers never teach their class the 10 Commandments. Why?

    Well, to be perfectly honest, I don't know.

    We start teaching our Sunday school class the 10 Commandments when they graduate into the primary class which includes ages 4 to 6. The commandments are hanging on the wall and are gone over at least every other week, but most of the time every single week.

    As adults, we tend to get tired of hearing the same things over and over, but kids learn by repetition. Try it for yourself. Go over the 10 Commandments three weeks in a row. I bet the kids will already know some of them and can repeat them to you. After 4 or 5 weeks, you'll probably just have to give the first two words of the commandment and the kids will be able to finish each one.

    Below are the coloring pages for commandments seven and eight.

    Get the other 10 commandments coloring pages for your class.

    Commandment Seven
    Commandment Eight

    Here is a FREE video for you to help teach bible verses using Sunday school games. We've added three bible verses we like, but feel free to use whatever bible verse that goes along with your Sunday school lesson for the week.

    We hope this Sunday school game comes in handy the next time you want to teach your kids a new bible verse.

    Remember it is important to teach the kids bible verses word for word the way God intended them. Don't try to make things 'easy' on the kids by changing words. The kids will learn the meaning of God's word as you teach it to them. If they learn at an early age how to read the bible, as they get older, it will become a part of them - just as God wrote it.



    Monday, April 8, 2013

    While Commandment number six of the 10 Commandments used to not be one that was broken often, in today's world, tempers fly and anger gets hold of many people along with drugs and alcohol causing 'Thou shalt not kill' to become a commandment that needs discussion.

    School shooting, drive by shootings, and other random shootings are becoming all too common. We need to take the time we have with our little Sunday School group and teach them that no matter how angry or upset we get, God is in control and we need only to pray.

    We are to give our troubles to him and he will take care of them.

    1 Peter 5:7 KJV

    7 Casting all your cares upon him; for he careth for you.

    Romans 12: 19 KJV

    19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

    Find more 10 Commandments coloring pages and lessons!


    When possible, shake hands and forgive those who have done something wrong to you or hurt you. God will bless you for not getting upset. He also promises us that he will take care of those who do us wrong. Let God take control.
    When something does happen in your life and you feel angry or upset, pray and let God take over. 




    Here is Commandment Five from our 10 Commandment coloring pages series. Feel free to copy and distribute this page to your Sunday School class or use it for your next Sunday School game.

    Honoring your mother and father is a tough one for most kids. In today's world, it is easier to talk back and be defiant than it is to just do what you're told. Why?

    Before you continue - sign up on the right to get FREE Sunday school material!

    Why Is This Commandment So Hard to Obey?

    Many people blame it on the times we live in. The world is bad, but we as teachers and parents need to teach our kids what's right and what's not. Believe me, even if the kids know what's right and what's not, they still seem to rather do what they want than what their parents tell them to do or any adult for that matter.

    I've worked with kids for a long time and I've had to get after a few that were not my own. I have been shocked many times when a child looks me right in the eye, then goes right ahead and does what I've just told them not too.

    Use the 10 Commandment coloring page below to help you teach your class to honor (not just obey) their father and mother. May God bless you as you teach God's word.


    Get the other 10 Commandment Coloring Pages!

    Remind the kids that honoring is more than just obeying. It is obeying with a kind, loving heart that doesn't grouch about it on the inside or out.

    Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    We're human. We can't make it through life without failing. It's a part of life. We mess up. That's just the way it is. So, what's the good news? The good news it that when we fail, we can try again.

    Sunday School Lessons - Try Again
    Photo: Ernst Vikne
    God loves it when we realize that we need him and begin to try again.

    Children should never be led to believe they are perfect. It will cause heart break and heart ache that can never be healed (except by God, of course). So, what should we teach them?

    Before reading on - sign up on the right to get FREE Sunday school material!

    We should teach them it's okay to fail. What's not okay is to fail and never try again.

    Try Again, Try Again Sunday School Lesson

    Begin by asking, "Can you do everything by yourself?"

    Some kids will answer yes at first. That's okay. You can prompt some questions like, "Can you drive yourself to school?, Can you fly a plane?, Can you walk across the ocean?", and so on.

    Then ask, "Can you get to heaven on your own?"

    Answer, "You can with God".

    Then ask, "Can we do anything without God?"

    This will get the kids thinking. Of course, many people believe they do everything themselves, but in reality, they can do nothing without God. He gives us food to eat, he gives us the air we breathe, he is the reason our hearts beat.

    In return, we should do everything we do for God. We should also give Him the glory.

    How do we do everything we do for God? When we play sports, we can let God shine through. How can we do that?

    By treating the other players with kindness, by working hard to do our best during the game, by helping a player up that was knocked down. All of our actions let people know what kind of person we are.

    If we are mean and hateful to everyone we meet, would that be letting God shine through?


    If we pushed people down during the game just to get ahead of them, would that be letting God shine through?


    What if we used bad language or made fun of others? Of course not.

    Try Again

    Sometimes, when we are doing something and get upset, we lash out at those around us. We may even yell and say something that hurts the other persons feelings. Maybe you've told a lie or took something that wasn't yours.

    None of this is okay, but we can ask God to forgive us and try again.

    Maybe we will even do the same wrong thing again the next time. We should stop and ask God to forgive us and ask for God's help to not do it again and guess what:

    Philippians 4:13 says,
    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

    Because God says we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, when we pray for God's help and we really truly want his help, He WILL help us.

    Each time we argue, complain, push someone, lie, yell, or anything else we do that is bad, we can rest assured that we need only pray for God's help and try again.

    Over time with God's help, we can be sure that we will stop doing those things and become more like God each and every day.

    Teach the kids that we can't do anything by ourselves, but with God's help we can try again and try again until finally we can overcome those obstacles we need to get rid of sin our lives.