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Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ~ Proverbs 22:6 KJV

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    Sunday, September 29, 2013

    The book of Ruth may be short, but there is so much to learn from each word. One thing many people like about this popular book of the bible is that it reads like a fiction story that someone has made up even though every word is true.

    God allows us to step into the life of Ruth and see how choosing to follow God led her to the love of her life. This true love story captivates the hearts of kids and adults alike. Young children grasp the lighter part of the love story while adults can get deeply involved with each word.

    Teach Ruth's story in this Sunday school lesson or read about Ruth in a different light at Christian Magazine Today.

    Book of Ruth

    (double-click to print)

    If you'd like to make your own Jacob's ladder, you can use the technique in the video below. You can also use other supplies so that every kid in your Sunday school class can make one of these ladders to take home for themselves.

    Jacob's Ladder Activity
    Photo: Polyparaidigm
    Wikimedia Commons

    For those who are teaching Jacob's Ladder in Sunday school, we have a Sunday school lesson you may like to use: Jacob's Ladder Sunday School Lesson.

    Make Your Own Jacob's Ladder

    First, watch the video. Then, keep reading below to find out other ways to make them. Of course, you can purchase a kit straight from The Scrapbook Lounge or buy a pre-made Jacob's Ladder instead.


    For anyone who is not too crafty or for those who don't have enough time in Sunday school to make one of these cute little toys, you may want to buy some that are already made. I found some on Amazon that comes in a package of 12.

    Here is the link: wooden Jacob's Ladder (1 dozen)

    For anyone who'd like something different for their class, you can use this free word search puzzle designed especially for this lesson.

    If you'd like something completely different or have older kids, you may want to give them each a piece of string and teach them how to make the ladder with it. I've included a video for that below too. The lady in the video goes step by step. If you get lost, just hit back and start again. It's fun and keeps your mind working!



    Jacob was a trickster. He tricked his twin brother out of his birthright for a bowl of soup. He also tricked his nearly blind father, Isaac, into giving him a blessing which was meant for his brother.

    Jocob's Ladder
    Sunday School Lessons
    Photo: the Providence Lithograph Company
    Wikimedia Commons
    But, even after all of his tricking and scheming, God loved him and blessed him. This same Jacob became the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. Of course, you can see by the title of this lesson that this isn't what our Sunday school lesson is about today.

    Today we are going to talk about Jacob's ladder.

    This bible story is one that many children love to hear. It is an amazing bible story that has several details the kids will always remember. First, they will remember the ladder. Second, they will remember the angels walking up and down it. Third, they will remember that Jacob used a rock for a pillow.

    Let's get started.

    Jacob's Ladder - Sunday School Lesson

    Our story today begins when a young man named Jacob was sent on a journey to a different land to find himself a wife. You see, where Jacob lived, the women all worshipped idols and his father wanted to make sure he married a girl that loved God.

    Jacob started on his journey to find himself a wife who loved God.

    Jacob traveled and traveled. Finally, night began to fall and Jacob was very tired. But guess what! Jacob didn't pull out a tent, a blanket and a pillow so he could sleep. There were not hotels anywhere.

    Instead, he found a spot on the ground to lie down and used a rock for his pillow!

    Can you imagine how uncomfortable that must have been? How nice and comfy is your pillow? If you ever get a chance to use a rock for a pillow, try it. It is cold and hard and not comfortable at all.

    (Teachers - if you can find a small rock that could be used for the children to lay their head on, it would give them a better understanding of how Jacob must have felt.)

    Teach "Jacob Falls in Love" Bible Story!

    Jacob's Ladder
    Get the FREE
    Jacob's Ladder
    Word Search Puzzle!

    When Jacob fell asleep, he had a dream.

    Ask the children, "Have you had a dream you remember?"

    Wait for answers.

    Jacob's dream was a bit different than most dreams because this dream had been sent from God. God was letting Jacob know that even though he hadn't always done everything right, God still loved him and had a plan for Jacob.

    In Jacob's dream, there was a ladder, but it wasn't a normal ladder that you might use at home. It was a special ladder that stretched from earth all the way up to heaven.

    On this ladder were angels. The angels were walking up and down the ladder and at the very top, near heaven, was God.

    Then, God spoke to Jacob in his dream and said, "I am going to give you the land where you are now. I will also give it to your children and your children's children. You will have many, many children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren. I will be with you wherever you go and I will make sure that you come back to this place where you are sleeping."

    (Teachers - you can read God's exact words in Genesis 28:13-15 KJV)

    When Jacob woke up, he realized that God was near and he didn't even know it. The bible tells us that Jacob was afraid. He said, "This is the house of God and the gate of heaven."

    In the morning, Jacob took the rock that he used as his pillow and set it upright. Then, he poured oil on it. He wanted this place to be remembered and to be special.

    What was the name of this special place? Bethel which means 'The House of God'.

    God kept his promise to Jacob and brought him safely back to that land just as he had said. Jacob had many children including Joseph who you may remember as having a 'coat of many colors'.

    Make your own Jacob's Ladder
    FREE Video
    What We Can Learn

    Did you know that God has a plan for you too? Did you know that God will never leave you? He will be with you wherever you go. No matter what you do or what happens in your life, God is there.

    Isaiah 41:10 KJV
    10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

    Depending on what age children you have, you can use the first part of this verse or more.

    In our class, we sometimes just say "Fear thou not; for I am with thee:", but the entire verse is great!

    Jacob was always into something when he was a young man. First, he tricked his brother. Then, he tricked his father. Now, he is on a journey to find himself a wife in a different country because he is afraid that his brother may kill him if he stays.

    While that sounds a lot like a 'Soap Opera', it is just one of the true bible stories we can tell our Sunday school class.

    We've made this word search puzzle to go along with the Sunday school lesson of Jacob's Ladder. After you've taught your class about Jacob and his famous ladder, you can use this word search puzzle to fill in time or talk about what they've learned. You may also have extra time on your hands or have kids who love crafts. If that is the case, think about making your own Jacob's Ladder craft!


    Jacob's Ladder Sunday School Activity

    (double-click to print)


    Monday, September 16, 2013

    It's important for you to know as a Sunday school teacher that this bible story happened near the beginning of Jesus' ministry. He was only now calling the first of his 12 disciples. This true story happened not long after he was baptized by John the Baptist.

    Simon Peter cast out his fishing net just as Jesus said.
    Photo: Oxfordian Kissuth, Wikimedia Commons

    Fishers of Men Sunday School Lesson

    At the beginning of this Sunday school lesson, Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John were on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. They had been fishing all night long and their large fishing nets needed to be washed.

    You see, these four men were fisherman. It's not like when we go fishing to catch fish. It's not like when mommies or daddies go fishing for the weekend. This was Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John's job. Fishing is how they made money.

    Each night, they would go out onto the sea, drop their huge nets into the water and pull the fish back in. The next day, they would take the fish they caught into town to sell them.

    On the night when this bible story happened, the four fishermen had worked all night long to catch fish and hadn't caught even one.

    As they were working to wash out their fishing nets, Jesus came walking along the shore. He wasn't alone though. Many, many people were following him hoping to hear him teach and to preach.

    When Jesus came near Simon Peter's boat, he walked right up to it and stepped inside.
    Get the Fishers of Men
    Song with Lyrics

    He told Peter to push his boat out a little ways into the water and Simon Peter obeyed.

    That's when Jesus began to teach. He taught all those people sitting in Simon Peter's boat on the Sea of Galilee. After Jesus was finished, he told Simon Peter to take his boat out into the deep water of the sea and let down his net again.

    Remember, these men had fished all night long without catching a single fish. They were probably tired and disappointed. They probably didn't want to try again, but because Jesus told him too, Simon Peter obeyed.

    When Simon Peter let down his net into the water, the bible tells us that they caught a great multitude of fishes. It was so many their nets began to break. They called the other men on the shore and told them to come and help. When the men arrived in their boats to help, the bible says there was so many fish that both boats were so filled they began to sink.

    Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John was so astonished, they realized right then they were standing in the presence of the Messiah.

    Jesus told them to not be afraid. He also told them they were to not catch fish anymore.

    They were to be fishers of men.

    This meant instead of working day in and day out to catch real fish, they were to go out into the world to tell people about Jesus Christ so they might be saved and go to heaven one day.


    Get the Fishers of Men Game

    What We Can Learn from this Sunday School Lesson

    We learn that just like Simon Peter, we need to obey God in whatever he says to do. Simon Peter could have told Jesus there was no fish in the sea and went about his business. Instead, he obeyed Jesus and caught more fish than ever before.

    Sometimes, we may not understand what God needs us to do or why, but we don't have too. We only need to obey because God knows best.

    Second, we learn that we are to be fishers of men just like the men in the story.

    We should tell everyone about Jesus and how he died on the cross for us. We should let them know they can be saved and go to heaven one day if only they accept Jesus into their hearts.

    When we tell others about Jesus, we are being fishers of men.

    Use this fun Sunday school game to teach kids bible verses to go along with the lesson or to reinforce the Sunday school lesson about the Fishers of Men. You can also teach the kids the song "I Will Make You Fishers of Men". It's a cute song for younger kids to learn especially when you use the motions.

    Any stick will work to play this Sunday school game.
    Photo: Randen Pederson

    Sunday School Game

    First, you’ll need to prepare several bible verses to hang on the wall or to be printed out for the kids to see.

    Gather theses supplies:
    • 4 sticks or dowel rods
    • 4 pieces of string (about 3 to 4 feet long depending on height of children)
    • 8 small magnets
    • 8 paper fish
    • 4 paper clips
    • pencil or pen
    Directions for the Sunday School Game:

    Write a number on the bible verses (ex: 1, 2, 3 ,4, and so on depending on how many verses you’ve prepared). Next, write a number on each of the fish to go along with the bible verses you've selected. Glue a magnet to the mouth of each fish. Attach the string to the stick to make a fishing pole. Add the paper clip to the bottom of the string to be the hook.

    When a child catches a fish, the child will have to find the number on the fish and match it to the bible verse with the same number. They will say the verse two times and get back in line to catch another fish.

    You could also print the bible verse on the back of the fish instead of a number.

    If you have several helpers, this fishing game will go fast and the kids will be able to catch more fish and in turn say more verses.


    • We try to use verses for this game that the children are familiar with but do not know by heart.
    • Make the game more fun by hanging up a bed sheet in a doorway and let the kids fish over the sheet so they will not know which fish they will catch. Someone can sit on the other side to add the fish to the paper clip.
    • Use other things besides fish like paper: boots, seas shells, sharks, bottles, a sunken ship, and so on. You can even add people to the line if you are teaching the Fishers of Men bible story.
    May God bless you as you teach children the word of God.
    Fishers of Men Song
    Alex Proimos
    Wikimedia Commons
    Here is a great song to go along with the Fishers of Men Sunday school lesson. It can be used anytime you need an extra song. We sing it randomly in our Sunday school class and the kids love the motions we've made up.

    When we are talking about being 'fishers of men' we pretend like we are holding our fishing rod and casting out the hook. Then, we reel it back in. At the part where it says, 'if you'll follow me' we do a follow me motion.

    For the last part, we hold up our hand to one ear to 'hear Christ calling'. And last, we put both hands beside our head like we are sleeping at the 'give you rest' part.

    If you need something extra, play the Fishers of Men Game!

    Hope you enjoy!

    Fishers of Men Song and Lyrics

    Be sure to pass this along to anyone you think could use it.

    Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    David and Goliath is an all-time favorite bible story for many. Whether you're telling the story of David and Goliath or not, this is a cute song for your Sunday school class. The video of the song doesn't have the words, so I added them below.


    It's amazing to think that this young boy, David, not only had the courage to face a giant but he ended up a king. We often have our own giants we face in our daily lives. I know I have. The good news is that we don't have to face them alone. God is with us and he is always on control just as he was in David's life.

    Only a Boy Named David Song and Lyrics



    Only a boy named David
    Only a little sling
    Only a boy named David
    But he could pray and sing
    Only a boy named David
    Only a rippling brook
    Only a boy named David
    But five little stones he took.

    And one little stone went in the sling
    And the sling went round and round
    And one little stone went in the sling
    And the sling went round and round
    And round and round
    And round and round
    And round and round and round
    And one little stone went up in the air
    And the giant came tumbling down.