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Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ~ Proverbs 22:6 KJV

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    Monday, August 18, 2014

    Fundraisers don't need to always be about selling something like T-shirts, hats, popcorn, candy, cookies and so on. Many fundraisers do a lot better without items to sell. Below are several ideas for your church fundraiser that are sure to bring in lots of cash.

    Creative Fundraising Idea: Pickin' & Grinnin' 
    For a creative fundraiser for church, start by getting the church family involved. Begin by asking to borrow items such as gingham table cloths, rocking chairs, bales of hay, metal buckets, wagon wheels or anything else you might find on a front porch or in a front yard. Next, schedule a work day to decorate the area you will be using for the fundraiser. Your goal is to make it look like a front porch. If possible, add a few glider swings to the area.

    After you have decorated the area, add some old time games to the tables like checkers for people to play. Schedule the event on an evening that the congregation will not need to rush off. Announce to the congregation that anyone who plays an instrument should bring theirs to the fundraiser. While the musicians sit around pickin' and a grinnin', the rest of the congregation can sit back and enjoy the show.

    Enlist the children of the church to be waiters for the evening. Plan on serving something simple and cheap like spaghetti and garlic bread. If possible, buy the food in bulk to save yourself some money. There are three ways you can make money. First, have a donation box set up around the musicians as they play. Second, have small metal buckets on each table for donations for the dinner or collect $5 per person who comes through the door. Third, don't serve dessert. Instead, ask the ladies of the church to make homemade pies and auction them off after the meal.

    How to Raise Money

    Years ago, unwed females would fix a lunch or supper for two and put the meal into a decorated container. The men would bid on the food and whichever man won the bid, he would have the honor of eating the meal with the female cook. Of course, he didn't know what female made what food in the baskets. It was a surprise of sorts. I wonder if this is where the "blind date" originated as well?

    This same concept can be used for a church fundraiser, except not use it for match-making. Instead, box up meals that will feed two people and others that will feed a family. Let the church family prepare the food that will be used in the boxes. Some may be sandwiches while others may be fried chicken and baked beans. All boxed meals will go for different prices, but all will be added to the fund raising money.

    Creative Fund Raising Ideas
    One last idea for raising money is to have a sports fund raiser. At this event, decide on how many different sports you will need such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, horse shoes and so on. Invite other churches to join in this creative fundraising idea by scheduling a day that all churches can attend. Next, set a price for each sporting event.

    Players will pay $5 to $10 apiece to play in the game of their choice. The winning team of each sport will get to eat free while the losing team will have to pay an extra dollar for their meal. This is all in good fun and most churches will be happy to join in the festivities, especially if the money will be used to glorify God.

    Use the money you raise to help spread the Word of God.

    Mark 16:15 KJV
    Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
    *Image courtesy of Doug Kerr.


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