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Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ~ Proverbs 22:6 KJV

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    Monday, January 26, 2015

    Here is a song I remember singing as a child in Sunday school. With all the technology today, I think we forget about what made our childhood great - playing outside, getting muddy, swinging on vines, swimming in lakes, jumping in puddles and these good old Sunday school songs we still remember today!

    Here you go. I hope you enjoy.

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    Thursday, January 23, 2014

    Sunday School Activities
    Photo courtesy of Rjruiziii
    Many people in the bible have one story, but Moses has many. From his birth to his death, God allows us to follow the life of Moses.

    His life was filled with good times and bad, but through it all God never left his side.

    Thankfully, we have that same assurance.

    God will never leave our side. Whether we are going through good times or bad, we can rest assured God is right there with us.

    At the bottom of the page, I've added a video by Colton Dixon that affirms just what I'm saying. The lyrics are listed below the video. Just like the 'Footprints in the Sand' where God carries us at some times of our life, Colton sings about how God was never gone...


    Free Word Search Puzzle - Moses in Egypt


    Colton Dixon - Never Gone Video



    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    The bible story of Moses is one that shows the courage, determination and love of one mother to save her son. While she chose to break the law and not turn him over to the Pharaoh's cruel law, she ultimately not only saved her own son, but the entire Israelite nation!

    God was with Jochebed as she made the decision to hide him in a basket in the Nile River. Although she didn't know that her little baby boy would grow up to part the Red Sea and lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, she did know she loved him and took a chance to save his life.

    If only we would take a chance and step out for God!

    How would our life change if we only took that first step to trusting God whole heartedly!

    Before explaining the game, take time to listen to the remarkable song by Brit Nicole to get you into the chance-taking mood.

    You can also get the FREE bible story of Moses to teach your kids.

    Finding Baby Moses Sunday School Game

    The only thing you'll need to play this game is a paper picture of a basket and some tape.

    You can either print out the picture of Moses' basket (above) or draw one yourself. It doesn't have to look pretty. Kids don't mind.

    I drew a picture of a basket about 4 inches long and 3 inches tall. I colored a blue blanket on top and cut it out.

    I simply told the kids what it was and they accepted the poor looking basket as what it was :)

    To play the game:

    Have the kids turn to one wall or put their head down on a table and close or hide their eyes. Use a piece of tape on the paper basket to hide the paper basket under chairs or tables, along walls, behind curtains, or anywhere else you can find.

    Once hidden, let kids find baby Moses.

    Whoever finds the basket gets to hide it next.

    If hidden too hard, you can give clues or play 'hot' or 'cold' until they find it. You'll be surprised at how much they love this game - I was.

    Have fun and enjoy teaching about Moses!

    Picture of basket above is courtesy of Open Clip Art.

    Thursday, November 21, 2013

    Do You Hear What I Hear is a fabulous Christmas song for Sunday school kids to perform around Christmas whether it is in the church play or just for the congregation. It talks about the star above to the baby Jesus to how that small baby will one day bring goodness and light to the world.

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    There is a whole Sunday school lesson that can be taught just by using this one Christmas song.

    Below is a video with young girls using sign language to perform the song. We have young children (ages 1 - 7) who will be performing this song this Christmas and have chosen to use only the basic motions from the video below.

    Follow along and do all of the signs or just pick out the motions you like best. The Christmas season is all about celebrating the birth of our Lord and savior, so make that the focal point this holiday.

    If you'd like to download the song, you can download it here. Or, if you'd like to have it on CD, you can get it here.

    Do You Hear What I Hear Song Motions

    Here is the video. The lyrics to the song is below.



    Lyrics to 'Do You Hear What I Hear'

    Said the night wind to the little lamb
    Do you see what I see
    Way up in the sky little lamb
    Do you see what I see
    A star, a star
    Dancing in the night
    With a tail as big as a kite
    With a tail as big as a kite

    Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy
    Do you hear what I hear
    Ringing through the sky shepherd boy
    Do you hear what I hear
    A song, a song
    High above the tree
    With a voice as big as the sea
    With a voice as big as the sea

    Said the shepherd boy to the mighty king
    Do you know what I know
    In your palace wall mighty king
    Do you know what I know
    A child, a child
    Shivers in the cold
    Let us bring him silver and gold
    Let us bring him silver and gold

    Said the king to the people everywhere
    Listen to what I say
    Pray for peace people everywhere
    Listen to what I say
    The child, the child
    Sleeping in the night
    He will bring us goodness and light
    He will bring us goodness and light

    The child, the child
    Sleeping in the night
    He will bring us goodness and light
    Below is the song, lyrics, and motions to a great Christmas song for your Sunday school kids during the church Christmas play. Younger kids will love the song while the adults will be happy with the simple motions and the ease of learning them.

    The song "The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy" is cute, repetitive and great for the holiday season.

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    The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy Song with Motions

    If you don't have a copy of the song, you can download it here. Or, if you'd rather have it on CD, you can get it here.

    Here is the motions and below are the lyrics.

    Here are the lyrics to The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy.

    Merry Christmas!

    Sunday, October 20, 2013

    As a child, the bible story of Zacchaeus was one of my favorites. I'm not sure why except for the fact that it was short, I heard it often, and we always sang this song on the day it was being told.

    A bit of background about Zacchaeus...

    Zacchaeus was a cheater who stole money from the people in his town, but despite the fact that no
    Get the Zacchaeus
    Sunday School Lesson
    one liked him, Jesus went to his house.

    The people didn't understand why Jesus would want to spend his time with a sinner. What they didn't realize was they were all sinners just like you and I. Thankfully, Jesus loved Zacchaeus enough to walk with him and talk with him. I am so blessed to know that even though I am a sinner, Jesus takes the time to walk and talk with me.

    I am also extremely thankful that I am one of God's children who will get to spend eternity with him in heaven.

    Zacchaeus was a Wee Little Man Song with Lyrics

    I hope you enjoy this song. If you'd like, make up some simple motions to go along with the lyrics. Some motions may include: pretending to walk, pretending to climb a tree, and motions showing that Zacchaeus was a short man.


    Sunday, September 29, 2013

    If you'd like to make your own Jacob's ladder, you can use the technique in the video below. You can also use other supplies so that every kid in your Sunday school class can make one of these ladders to take home for themselves.

    Jacob's Ladder Activity
    Photo: Polyparaidigm
    Wikimedia Commons

    For those who are teaching Jacob's Ladder in Sunday school, we have a Sunday school lesson you may like to use: Jacob's Ladder Sunday School Lesson.

    Make Your Own Jacob's Ladder

    First, watch the video. Then, keep reading below to find out other ways to make them. Of course, you can purchase a kit straight from The Scrapbook Lounge or buy a pre-made Jacob's Ladder instead.


    For anyone who is not too crafty or for those who don't have enough time in Sunday school to make one of these cute little toys, you may want to buy some that are already made. I found some on Amazon that comes in a package of 12.

    Here is the link: wooden Jacob's Ladder (1 dozen)

    For anyone who'd like something different for their class, you can use this free word search puzzle designed especially for this lesson.

    If you'd like something completely different or have older kids, you may want to give them each a piece of string and teach them how to make the ladder with it. I've included a video for that below too. The lady in the video goes step by step. If you get lost, just hit back and start again. It's fun and keeps your mind working!



    Monday, September 16, 2013

    Fishers of Men Song
    Alex Proimos
    Wikimedia Commons
    Here is a great song to go along with the Fishers of Men Sunday school lesson. It can be used anytime you need an extra song. We sing it randomly in our Sunday school class and the kids love the motions we've made up.

    When we are talking about being 'fishers of men' we pretend like we are holding our fishing rod and casting out the hook. Then, we reel it back in. At the part where it says, 'if you'll follow me' we do a follow me motion.

    For the last part, we hold up our hand to one ear to 'hear Christ calling'. And last, we put both hands beside our head like we are sleeping at the 'give you rest' part.

    If you need something extra, play the Fishers of Men Game!

    Hope you enjoy!

    Fishers of Men Song and Lyrics

    Be sure to pass this along to anyone you think could use it.

    Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    David and Goliath is an all-time favorite bible story for many. Whether you're telling the story of David and Goliath or not, this is a cute song for your Sunday school class. The video of the song doesn't have the words, so I added them below.


    It's amazing to think that this young boy, David, not only had the courage to face a giant but he ended up a king. We often have our own giants we face in our daily lives. I know I have. The good news is that we don't have to face them alone. God is with us and he is always on control just as he was in David's life.

    Only a Boy Named David Song and Lyrics



    Only a boy named David
    Only a little sling
    Only a boy named David
    But he could pray and sing
    Only a boy named David
    Only a rippling brook
    Only a boy named David
    But five little stones he took.

    And one little stone went in the sling
    And the sling went round and round
    And one little stone went in the sling
    And the sling went round and round
    And round and round
    And round and round
    And round and round and round
    And one little stone went up in the air
    And the giant came tumbling down.

    Thursday, August 15, 2013

    'And the walls came tumbling down..."
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons
    To go along with the Book of Joshua FREE coloring pages for kids, we wanted to add an extra resource. While this isn't our video, it is a great one for younger kids to watch as it is filled with kids their own age.

    The song is played while the kids sing along to the lyrics on the screen. If you want to teach the 'Battle of Jericho' bible story, you can find it in the Book of Joshua chapter 6.

    We hope to have this Sunday school lesson up really soon and will link it here when we do. For now, we hope you enjoy the song.

     Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho Song and Lyrics